Hi. I’m Jonathan.  I am a creative executive and leader who builds ecosystems,  teams, and new ideas through storytelling. I help firms and teams tell the right story, at the right time to the right people. I build businesses at the intersection of culture, commerce, and creativity.





What  I Do -

I’ve spent my career advising, building, and protecting brands that mean something to people. This has led me to a few areas of expertise.  

1. I craft strategy across content, creative, brand marketing and communications,  to increase market presence, drive revenue opportunities,  and establish and protect reputation.  

2.  I build positioning for people and places to do their best work from, while ensuring that positioning creates higher awareness and a global market presence that can be expanded and monetized effectively. 

3. I am an expert advisor and collaborative strategist  for CEOs, firm principals, and other cultural luminaries with things to say, but not enough time to say it by themselves. I help them define, crystalize, and ship their big idea into the world.  

4. I build content and editorial teams, develop award winning stories and initiatives, that drive audience engagement and new revenue opportunities. 

I research like a journalist,  create like an artist, and execute like an operator.

I run a bespoke narrative studio called voice & tone, that helps executives and their teams focus on a full-stack  communications strategy  to drive market share and unlock revenue opportunities.  We craft defensible brand platforms, messaging, and identities to help brands and people stand out and draw audiences in.

The headshot is handcrafted by Kolin Mendez.Let him help you flourish.